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TV&Film Production is a fantastic course which allows students to build the skills in both fictional and factual filmmaking and videography. With projects including corporate video production, short fictional filmmaking, and learning industry standard approaches to scriptwriting, camera, sound and editing, BTEC TV&Film Production is a hands on course where the majority of our students progress to university to study and train further. 

Due to the closure of the college, our Y2 TV&Film students were unable to make their final film of the course, so we have been unable to celebrate the work that marks the end of their filmmaking journey with us. Please enjoy short films written and produced by our 2020 cohort, as well as other elements they have created since September 2018.

Please note: our students create content in line with BBFC classifications of 12A and 15. There may be mild swearing or sensitives topics within these short films.

Our Little Lad - Molly Leese | DRAMA

How do you live when the person you love has gone?

Device - Aaron Smith | SCI-FI | THRILLER

A dystopian look at what we do without our mobile phones

A Box is a Home - Dulcie Till | DRAMA

As long as there's love, anywhere can be a home

The Letter - Luke Griffin | DRAMA

How great it is to receive a letter...or is it?

Memento Mori - Isabel Gardiner | HORROR | THRILLER

Can a VHS tape really have catastrophic consequences? 

Loyalty - Liam Salt | CRIME | THRILLER

The lengths we are willing to go to, to protect our family

Momma - Josh Davis | HORROR | THRILLER

Can you be held hostage? By yourself?

Kiya Williams - Kady | DRAMA | COMING-OF-AGE

Sometimes, it's ok not to fit in

Behind the scenes...