A Level Print Work

A Level Media Studies 

Component Three Coursework 

The A-level Media study course at Stoke Sixth Form College covers a broad range of areas, disciplines and skill development. Students have to be able to critically scrutinise all aspects of the media, conduct analysis and deconstruct media products. In the process students explore a range of academic theories and apply these in their study of all media products. In addition to this, students are required to produce a ‘cross-media production’ in the response to a specific brief. This year, students were given the option of working on either a music marketing or magazine briefs, details outlined below.



This involved the production of a new magazine in a genre of their choosing. Students had to target an audience of 30-49 years olds who fell into the ‘explorer’ or ‘reformer’ demographics. The production required the creation of a front cover, contents page and feature article. 


Music Marketing 

This involved the production of an original music video for a new artist or band in a genre of their choosing. Students had to target a 30-49 year old mainstream audience. As well as the music video, students were required to create a front cover and feature article for a new music magazine showcasing the artist and developing the themes within the video. 


All aspects of the design and production had to be rigorously researched and meticulously planned.


A range of cross media productions have been chosen to showcase the creativity and technical skills from the 2020 Media Studies cohort.   

A Level Video Work